All editions of the Granite City Press-Record from the 1960s have been posted on This is an incredible resource of high quality scans, that offer small town news at its finest.The 1970 editions are said to be posted soon.
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  In 1989, the nuclear contamination at the Dow/Spectrulite plant in Madison was not considered a big problem - but it was. Read about that site and a few other nearby sites HERE (page 1) and HERE. (page 10)

  Central Hardware's 12 page flyer from December of 1975 has been added HERE.

  Another four pages added to the Granite City Press-Record of January 5, 1970. There are now 5½ pages from this edition available in the Local Section.

  Added another four pages to the Granite City Press-Record of May 2, 1960. There are now 6 pages from this edition available in the Local Section.

  Added another Big Story. Four pages from The St. Louis Globe-Democrat on the day in 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on take-off. Also, see a few new Local News odds and ends - 1971 tech - picturephone - Hollywood visits - truck overturns.

  Most St. Louisans still recall the snow storm of 1982 as the 'Big One' that virtually shut down the city. A week later, the Post-Dispatch published a special section. All 12 pages are presented HERE.

  Classic advertisements - 4 complete Sunday flyers - all in full color have been added. K Mart and Walgreens from 1975 and Best Buy and Radio Shack from 1990
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  Eleven pages from the day John Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Reagan in 1981 have been added to The Big Story section. Go there.

  A Local News section has been added. Local means the St. Louis suburbs of Madison, Illinois and Granite City, Illinois. A few pages pages from the Granite City Press-Record and Granite City Journal have been posted - nothing earth-shaking - just small town news. Go there.

  Added 6 pages from January 21, 1981 to The Big Story. The Iranian hostages were released as President Reagan was innaugurated on that day. Go there.

  Two new sections have been added. The Big Story begins with coverage of President Nixon's resignation by The St.Louis Globe-Democrat of August 9, 1974. Go there.
Look for more Big Stories in the future.
  The other new section is Dead Newspapers. It features several long gone newspapers which served the St.Louis area in the 1970s and 80s. Go there.

  Added several pages of advertising from the 1963 papers. HERE.

  I finally got around to posting the Parade Magazine from Nov. 24, 1963. All 16 pages were scanned and color corrected to remove most of the yellowing.
Parade Magazine is HERE. is the home of interesting old newspapers. This initial batch has several pages from the days immediately after President Kennedy's assasination in November of 1963. These papers, from St.Louis, were recently found in a basement in terrible condition - very yellow (brown, actually) and quite brittle. Some of the most interesting pages were scanned and color corrected. More will be added. The 1963 papers are available HERE.