This section contains pages from several long dead newspapers that had served the St.Louis area. All of them, with the exception of The Metro-East Journal, had a very short life, and few people will remember them. The Globe-Democrat is not included as it will be well represented in other sections of this site.

  St.Louis Today was first published in Sept. 1973 by the striking workers of the Post-Dispatch and Globe-Democrat. Publication ceased in March 1975.

  The Advisor was a free ,'throw away' paper published by the Belleville News Democrat, for the Granite City/Madison area of Illinois from March to October 1986.

  The Metro-East Journal served the Illinois side of the St.Louis area for more than 90 years. The final edition was published on March 30, 1979. Read the final edition HERE.

  The St.Louis Evening News launched on April 30, 1984 as a third daily paper for St.Louis. It lasted one month. Read the first edition HERE.

  The St.Louis Sun tried to fill the void as a second daily paper for St.Louis three years after the Globe-Democrat had ceased publishing. The Sun began on Sept.25, 1989 and it lasted seven months, ceasing operations on April 25, 1990.
Read the first edition HERE - and a special edition on the death of Gussie Busch HERE.